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Operating procedures for initiating a new project using the MRRC MRI facilities are provided in the attached document.

External Funding Proposal Procedures

Investigators planning to submit proposals for external funding, and which use the MRRC resources, are encouraged to contact the MRRC administration (Director, Associated Director or other senior MRRC staff) to discuss the details of the proposed research prior to submission. The MRRC facility must be included in the routing chain for grant application approvals.

The MRRC requires that the actual magnet time be reimbursed at the published hourly rate (see here for relevant information).  Investigators are also encouraged to include support for postdoctoral positions or other support staff to assist in data collection and data analysis as appropriate for the proposed research. Such positions obtaining partial support may be filled by prior arrangement with MRRC staff. Training and collaboration is available within the MRRC for data acquisition, data processing and subject preparation. Specialized equipment (such as RF coils or unique MR compatible research tools) must be provided by the proposal.  Please visit the Resources page to review resources available to funded proposals.

Pilot protocols, within which investigators may collect data in support of grant applications, are available on a competitive basis.  Please see the Application Process page for further details.

All MRRC research must be accompanied by an approved MRRC resource utilization application, which will be reviewed by the MRRC Resource Utilization Committee (see the Application Process page for application details). Access to the MRRC facilities will only be afforded to those individuals who have completed the MRRC safety training (See the MRRC Safety page). In all cases the principal investigator will be responsible for all MRRC facility access by involved personnel.

Prior to initiating the research, the investigator must obtain appropriate approvals (CTI, IRB or IACUC).  CCI/IRB consent templates can be found here and here. 


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Please provide both the name of the Principal Investigator and the MRRC assigned protocol number for the project.

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