Resnick Gerontology Center

Poster Session

Aging, Geriatrics and Gerontology Research at Einstein 

Poster Session, December 1, 2005


  • Adiponectin Phenotype and Genotype and the Inheritance of Exceptional Longevity. G. Atzmon, J. Crandall, T. Pollin, A. Shuldiner, M.Rincon, N. Barzilai 
  • Age Related Changes in the Endoplasmic Reticulum Folding Environment. Z. Cabartova, R. De Cabo, E.L. Snapp 
  • Association of Chronic Pain and Depression in Older Adults. M. Jesselson, R. Zweig, G. Kuslansky 
  • Autophagy and Aging. A.M. Cuervo
  • Can Telephone Facilitated Treatment of Depression Reduce the Costs of Care? G.J. Kennedy, A. Rivas, J. Cummings, W. Woolis, D. Bernard, A. Meara, G. Boyarsky
  • Cellular Consequences of the Selective Blockage of Chaperone-mediated Autophagy. A.C. Massey, A.M. Cuervo
  • Cerebral Ischemia and Alzheimer’s Disease. S. Malhotra, M. Singh, L.C. Ocava, D.M. Rosenbaum
  • Children's Perception of Parent’s Clinical Status. S. Stanford, T. Nicholls, M. McGinn, E. Grober, A. Candal
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Problem Drinking and Depression in Late Life. L. Juliano
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease: Outcomes in the Elderly Population. L. Steinberg
  • Demographic Influences on Dementia Screening Instruments. E. Grober, T. Nicholls, M. McGinn, S. Stanford
  • Depression and Pain in Elderly Community-Dwelling Advanced Congestive Heart Failure Patients. J. Rhodes-Kropf, A. Rose, M. Galvao, R. Moskowitz, K. Freeman, P. Selwyn
  • Detecting Personality Disorders in Older Adults. D. Scherr, R. Zweig
  • Education Delays Accelerated Decline in Memory in Persons who Develop Dementia: Evidence for Cognitive Reserve. C. Hall, J. Verghese, C. Derby, H. Buschke, E. Grober, M.J. Katz, A. LeValley, R. Lipton
  • Effects of Aging on the Rheumatic Disease. D. Hamerman
  • Family Decision Making at the End of Life. A. Karasz, G. Sacajiu, L. Watkins
  • Heightened Stimulation of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) by Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in Older Humans. W. Li, P. Kishore, J. Tonelli, A. Bose, C. Weaver, C. Vilcu, S. Stefanescu, D. Lee, M. Hawkins
  • Integrating Mental Health Services to Reduce Depression Among Elderly Home Care Patients. P. Marcus, G.J. Kennedy, H. Dorta, C. Wetherbee, J. Korenblatt 
  • Mediators of Quality of Life in African American and Caucasian Elderly. M.G. McGinn, S. Stanford, T. Nicholls, E. Grober
  • Metallized Chelators: a New and Effective Method of Beta-sheet Amyloid Dissolution. L.J. Juszczak
  • Novel and Opposing Effects of IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 on Body Composition. R. Muzumdar
  • Novel and Opposing Effects of IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 on Hepatic Insulin Action. R. Muzumdar
  • Older Adults with Minor Burns Presenting to the Emergency Department. Y. Boyarsky, S. Kathpalia, P. Bijur, A. Schecter, A. Ehrlich
  • The Relationship Between Empirically Derived Cognitive Factors and Gait in Cognitively Normal Elders. R. Holtzer, J. Verghese, X. Xue, R.B. Lipton
  • Relationship between verbal memory and picture memory among older persons: a preliminary analysis. T. Nicholls, E. Grober
  • The Role of Abnormal DXA Results in the Evaluation and Treatment of Low Bone Density in Older Male Veterans. L. Ray, M. A. Fang, T. J. Hahn
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