New Recruits

  • Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

    Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

    Mount Sinai
    Professor, Cell Biology (TMM)

  • Lindsay LaFave

    Lindsay LaFave, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Cell Biology (SCCB)

  • Kristy Stengel

    Kristy Stengel, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Cell Biology (SCCB)

  • Lauren Hackett, MPA

    Lauren Hackett, MPA

    Allen Institute
    AECC Deputy Director/Associate Vice-President

  • Praveen Agrawal, PhD

    Praveen Agrawal, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Mol Pharm (TMM)

  • Alice Lee, MD

    Alice Lee, MD

    Associate Professor, Pediatrics/Oncology
    Sarcoma and Phase I Team (CT)

  • George Karagiannis, PhD

    George Karagiannis, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology (TMM)

  • Sri Raj, PhD

    Sri Raj, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Genetics (SCCB/CEPC)

  • Roger Chang, PhD

    Roger Chang, PhD

    Assistant Professor, System and Computational Biology (SCCB/CT)

  • Jinyu Lu, MD, PhD

    Jinyu Lu, MD, PhD

    Baylor College of Medicine
    Assistant Professor, Medicine/Oncology
    Breast Cancer Disease Team (CT)

  • Anne Van Arsdale, MD

    Anne Van Arsdale, MD

    Assistant Professor, Ob-Gyn/Gyn Oncology (CEPC)

  • Jessica Pastoriza, MD

    Jessica Pastoriza, MD

    Johns Hopkins
    Assistant Professor, Surgery
    Breast Cancer Disease Team (TMM)

  • Chaoyuan Kuang, MD, PhD

    Chaoyuan Kuang, MD, PhD

    Univ. of Pittsburgh
    Assistant Professor, Medicine
    GI Disease Team (CT)

  • Pabitra Parua, PhD

    Pabitra Parua, PhD

    Mount Sinai
    Assistant Professor, Mol Pharm (SCCB)

  • Peter Campbell, PhD

    Peter Campbell, PhD

    Professor, Epidemiology CRC and Liver Cancer (CEPC)

  • Ana Acuna-Villaorduna, MD

    Ana Acuna-Villaorduna, MD

    Assistant Professor, Medicine/Oncology
    GI Disease Team (CT)

  • Brendon Stiles, MD

    Brendon Stiles, MD

    Cornell Weil
    Professor, Surgery
    Associate Director, Surgical Oncology
    Co-Leader, Lung Cancer Disease Team (CT)

  • Neel Chudgar, MD

    Neel Chudgar, MD

    Assistant Professor, Surgery
    Lung Cancer Disease Team (CEPC)

  • Marc Vimolratana, MD, MS

    Marc Vimolratana, MD, MS

    Assistant Professor, Surgery
    Lung Cancer Disease Team (CEPC)

  • Kara Michels, PhD

    Kara Michels, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    Gyn Center (CEPC)