Help us better understand healthy aging and preventing age-related diseases

To become participant or to learn more please contact our office at
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Who Can Participate?

Participants must be:

Between the ages of 20-59
Have four grandparents of Ashkenazi Jewish descent

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What Does Participation Involve?

A one-time 30 minute visit
A blood draw
A medical history questionnaire

Benefits of Joining the Study

A $50 gift card

Playing an active role in a scientific study that could lead to better understanding of how people age and potential therapies that may help people live longer, healthier lives, and avoid or delay age-related disease

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Longevity Genes Project Infographic

Conducted by:

The research is being conducted by Dr. Sofiya Milman of the Institute for Aging Research and Dr. John Greally of the Center for Epigenomics.

Sofiya Milman, M.D.

Dr. Sofiya Milman

John Greally, Ph.D.

Dr. John Greally