Jerry A. Winkelstein, M.D. ‘65

The Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Jerry Winkelstein was on the faculty at Johns Hopkins, joining as a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator and retiring 35 years later as emeritus professor of pediatrics, of medicine and of pathology in the School of Medicine, and emeritus professor of immunology in the School of Public Health. Dr. Winkelstein began his medical career with a residency in pediatrics at Hopkins, after which he served in the Indian Health Service as the first pediatrician in the Alaskan "bush." He then returned to Hopkins, where he completed a fellowship in immunology and then became a member of the faculty. As the director of the pediatric division of allergy and immunology at Hopkins, he was instrumental in training scores of fellows who now hold influential positions in the United States and abroad. Dr. Winkelstein’s laboratory research focused on how the complement system protects against infections. He also studied the molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and clinical manifestations of primary immunodeficiency diseases. A member of numerous professional societies, he has worked on many boards and committees in his field and as a visiting professor at several universities. He has written or edited three books and has published a multitude of scientific articles and book chapters. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, the Boyle Scientific Achievement Award by the Immune Deficiency Foundation, and the Mead Johnson Award for Research in Pediatrics by the Society for Pediatric Research. Dr. Winkelstein also was a member of editorial boards of seven scientific and medical journals. Finally, he helped found the Immune Deficiency Foundation, a patient advocacy organization, and served as the chair of its medical advisory committee from its inception until his retirement. Dr. Winkelstein earned his B.A. at Syracuse University and his M.D. at Einstein.