Einstein Senate

Senate Council

The Senate Council consists of ex officio members: the Dean, who is the Chairperson; the Senate’s Speaker and Vice¬Speaker. Each year, the Senate elects 10 faculty members from its membership; 1 Research Fellow senator is elected by the Research Fellow senators; and 1 student senator is elected by the student senators. In addition, there are 2 members appointed annually by the Dean.

The Senate Council is responsible for counseling the Dean, make recommendations concerning priorities of the various issues facing the College, advise the Dean and consent on the appointment of College Committees, discuss with the Dean contemplated changes in Departmental Chairmanships and advise the Dean on appointment of Search Committees for Departmental Chairpersons. The Senate Council’s recommendations to the Dean are reported by the Speaker for confirmation or consent. A complete description of the Senate Council’s responsibilities is contained in Section 3 of the Senate’s By-laws.

The Senate Council meets at least twice each month with the Dean and reports of the proceedings of its meetings to the Senate. The Minutes of each meeting are prepared by the Vice-Speaker and distributed monthly to the members of the Senate.


Ex Officio

Gordon Tomaselli, Dean
Julia Arnsten, Speaker
Jonathan Lai, Vice Speaker

Elected Research Fellow Representative

Courtney Niland

Elected Student Representative

Ryan Graff

Dean Appointees

Ed Burns, Executive Dean
Allison Ludwig, Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Assistant and Associate Professor appointees:

Tanya Johns, Medicine 

Anita Autry, Neuroscience 

Elizabeth Kitsis, Medicine 

Matthew Gamble, Molecular Pharmacology 

Elected Faculty Representatives

Max Abramson
Jacqueline Achkar, Medicine
Sarah Aminov
Jonathan E. Alpert, Chair, Psychiatry
Aviv Bergman, Chair, Systems & Computational Biology
Teresa Bowman, Development & Molecular Biology
Matthew Gamble, Molecular Pharmacology
Ryan Graff
Denise Haslwanter, Microbiology and immunology
Carmen Isasi, Epidemiology & Population Health
Nadine Katz, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health
Marla Keller, Medicine
Simone Sidoli, Biochemistry
Elyse Sussman, Neuroscience
Anne Van Arsdale,  Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health
Louis M. Weiss, Pathology