Office of Human Research Affairs

IRB Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

The Einstein IRB requests that Investigators attend the meeting at which their protocol is being reviewed. The Einstein IRB holds two meetings per month on Zoom:

  • The East Campus IRB generally meets on the second Wednesday of the month, from 3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
  • The West Campus IRB generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, from 12:00 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.

All submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis upon receipt.

Meeting Dates  Location 
Wednesday 1/13/2021 (2nd Wednesday)   East
Wednesday 1/27/2021 (4th Wednesday)    West
Wednesday 2/10/2021 (2nd Wednesday)    East
Wednesday 2/24/2021 (4th Wednesday)    West
Wednesday 3/10/2021 (2nd Wednesday)     East
Wednesday 3/24/2021 (4th Wednesday)     West 
Wednesday 4/14/2021 (2nd Wednesday)     East
Wednesday 4/28/2021 (4th Wednesday)    West
Wednesday 5/12/2021 (2nd Wednesday)      East
Wednesday 5/26/2021 (4th Wednesday)     West
Wednesday 6/9/2021 (2nd Wednesday)  East
Wednesday 6/23/2021 (4th Wednesday)      West
Wednesday 7/14/2021 (2nd Wednesday)  East
Wednesday 7/28/2021 (4th Wednesday)      West
Wednesday 8/11/2021 (2nd Wednesday)   East
Wednesday 8/25/2021 (4th Wednesday)       West
Tuesday 9/14/2021 (2nd Tuesday)   West
Wednesday 10/6/2021 (1st Wednesday)    East
Wednesday 10/20/2021 (3rd Wednesday)   West
Wednesday 11/3/2021 (1st Wednesday)  East
Wednesday 11/17/2021 (3rd Wednesday)    West
Wednesday 12/1/2021 (1st Wednesday)   East
Wednesday 12/15/2021 (3rd Wednesday)     West
Wednesday 1/12/2022 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 1/26/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 2/9/22 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 2/23/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 3/9/22 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 3/23/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 4/13/22 (2nd Wednesday)      East
Wednesday 4/27/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 5/11/22 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 5/25/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 6/8/22 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 6/22/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 7/13/22 (2nd Wednesday) East
Wednesday 7/27/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 8/10/22 (2nd Wednesday)      East
Wednesday 8/24/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 9/7/22 (1st Wednesday) East
Wednesday 9/21/22 (3rd Wednesday) West
Wednesday 10/26/22 (4th Wednesday) West
Wednesday 11/9/22 (2nd Wednesday)      East
Wednesday 11/30/22 (5th Wednesday) West
Thursday 12/8/22 (2nd Thursday) East
Wednesday 12/21/22 (3rd Wednesday)      West



IRB Roster Requests:  

The Einstein IRB does not release its membership list. However, we do provide this letter. 

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