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Non-Federal Funding (by Source, A-C)

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Note: The funding interest "biomedicine" denotes funding in a variety of disciplines.

  • RG = research grant
  • JF = junior faculty (requires faculty appointment)
  • PG = program grant (non-research)
  • PD = post-doctoral award (PhD or MD)
  • D = dissertation grant (pre-PhD)
  • Tv = travel grant
  • Tn = training grant

* = U.S. citizenship/permanent residency required
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Source Funding Interest Award Types Deadline Phone
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2)  Cancer (Brain) RG March 202 419-3140
Action on Hearing Loss  Hearing Loss     RG   44 41 377 53 35
Advancement of Research for Myopathies   Myopathies RG temp suspended 800 276-2000
Ajinomoto Company, Inc.  Amino Acids RG March  
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation  Pediatric Cancer PG, RG, JF, PD several 610 649-3034
Allen Foundation  Nutrition RG, PG Dec 989 832-5678
Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy  Cancer (Gene Therapy) JF Sept 203 358-8000
Alliance for Lupus Research  Lupus RG Sept 212 218-2840
Alpha One Foundation  Alpha1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency PD*, RG July 305 567-9888
ALS Association  ALS RG, PD Jan, July 212-407-8580
Alternative Research & Development Fdn  Alternatives to Animal Testing RG April 215 887-8076
Altman Foundation  Health Care RG   212 682-0970
Alzheimer's Assoc  Alzheimer's RG, PD several 312 335-8700
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation  Alzheimer's RG    
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology  Allergy/Immunology RG, PD, JF varies 414 272-6071
American Academy of Audiology  Audiology D Nov 800 222-2336
American Academy Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine  Cerebral Palsy RG March 414 918-3014
American Academy  Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  Psychiatry D, Tv July 202 966-7300
American Academy of Clinical Toxicology  Toxicology PG November 717 556-9222
American Academy Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery RG Jan 703 299-9291
American Academy Family Phys Fdn  Family Medicine RG varies 913 906-6000
American Academy Neurology Fdn  Neurology PD Oct 651 695-2746
American Academy of Optometry  Contact Lenses RG June 301 984-4734
American Academy Otolaryngic Allergy  Allergy RG June,  Dec 202-955-5010 
American Academy Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology RG, JF, PD Dec 703 836-4444
American Academy Pediatric Dentistry  Dentistry (Pediatric) PD Feb 312 337-2169
American Academy Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation Program  Neonatal Resuscitation RG,  JF May 847 434-4798
American Assn for Cancer Research  Cancer RG, JF, PD Several 215 440-9300
American Assn for Clinical Chemistry  Clinical Chemistry RG March 800 892-1400
American Assn of Critical-Care Nurses  Nursing RG, D Jan, July 949 362-2000
American Assn of Diabetes Educators  Diabetes RG  Oct 800 338-3633
American Assn Study of  Liver Disease  Liver Disease JF several 703 299-9766 
American Assn for Thoracic Surgery  Surgery  (Thoracic) PD, JF July 978 927-8330
American Assn University Women    PD*, D* Nov 319 337-1716
American Brain Tumor Assoc  Cancer (Brain) PD*, JF Jan 847 827-9910
American Cancer Society  Cancer RG, JF, PD*, Tv, Tn several 800 227-2345
American Chemistry Council Long-Range Research Initiative  Maternal Toxicity  RG   703 741-5000
American College of Cardiology  Cardiology  JF, PD Sept, Oct 800 253-4636
American College of Gastroenterology  Clinical Gastroenterology RG, JF, PD Nov 301 263-9000
American College Laboratory Animal Medicine  Animal Science & Medicine RG Dec 410 810-1870
American Congress of OB-GYN  OB-GYN RG, PD Nov 202 638-5577
American College of Vein and Lympatic Society  Phlebology RG Feb 510 346-6800
American College of Rheumatology  Rheumatology RG, PD, JF, D, Tn several 404 633-3777
American College Sports Med Fdn  Sports Med RG Jan 317 637-9200
American College of Surgeons  Surgery JF, PD Nov 312 202-5000
American Contact Dermatitis Society  Dermatitis (contact) PD varies 312 988-7700
American Council Learned Soc  Social Science PD* Sept 212 697-1505
American Dental Assn Health Fdn  Dentistry RG varies 312 440-2547
American Diabetes Assoc  Diabetes RG, JF, PD* varies 703 549-1500
American Dietetic Assn Fdn  Nutrition RG, D several 800 877-1600
American Epilepsy Soc  Epilepsy RG Aug 860 586-7505
American Federation for Aging Research  Aging RG, JF, PD, D several 212 703-9977
American Fibromyalgia Synd Assn  Fibromyalgia RG   520 733-1570
American Fdn for AIDS Research (AMFAR)  AIDS RG, PD several 212 806-1600
American Fdn for Pharmaceutical Education  Pharmacology PD, D, JF several 301 738-2160
American Fdn for Suicide Prev  Suicide RG, PD, JF several 212 363-3500
American Headache Society  Headache RG, PD Dec 856 423-0043
American Hearing Research Fdn  Hearing Loss RG August 312 726-9670
American Heart Assoc  Cardiovascular RG, JF* Jan, July 214 706-1457
American Heart Assoc-Founders Division  Cardiovascular RG, JF*, PD* several 212 878-5912
American Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Assn  Hepato-Biliary PD Feb 310 437-0557
American Honda Fdn  Education PG several 310 781-4090
American Inst for Cancer Res  Cancer RG, PD* Feb 800 843-8114
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine  Ultrasound RG Dec 301 498-4100
American Kidney Fund  Nephrology PD* Dec 800 638-8299
American Legion Child Welfare Fdn  Children PG July 317 630-1202
American Liver Fdn  Liver Disease RG, JF, PD, D Dec 973 256-2550
American Lung Assoc  Lung Disease RG, JF, PD*, D varies 212 315-8700
American Lyme Disease Fdn  Lyme Disease RG Oct 914 277-6970
American Massage Therapy Assn Fdn  Massage Therapy RG March 847 869-5019
American Medical Assn Fdn  Biomedicine 
[small grants]
RG Varies 312 464-4200
American Nurses Fdn  Nursing RG May 301 628-5298
American Orthopaedic Soc  Sports Medicine  Sports Medicine JF Aug 847 292-4900
American Otologic Soc  Ear Disorders RG, PD Jan 410 955-7400
American Parkinson Disease Assoc  Parkinson's RG, PD, D Jan, March 800 223-2732
American Pediatric Surgical Assn  Pediatric Surgery RG March 317 274-4682
American Philosophical Soc  Biomedicine PD* Sept,  Oct 215 440-3429
American Physiological Soc  Physiology PD, JF, D Jan, Nov 301 634-7164
American Psychiatric Assoc Fdn  Psychiatry RG, JF, PD several 703 907-8512
American Psychological Association  Psychology/Neuroscience PD* Jan 202 336-6127
American Respiratory Care Fdn  Respiratory Care RG   972 243-2272
American Rhinologic Society  Otolaryngology RG Dec 845 988-1631
American Skin Assn  Dermatology RG, JF varies 212 889-4858
American Sleep Medicine Fdn  Sleep Disorders RG, JF several 708 492-0930
American Sexual Health Association  STDs PD Nov 919 361-8400
American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Foundation  Obesity/Bariatric Surgery RG May 352 332-9100
American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation  Bone Marrow Transplants JF Sept 847 427-0224
American Society Clinical Oncology  Cancer JF, PD several 703 299-0150
American Society of Colon &  Rectal Surgeons  Colorectal Surgery RG March, Aug 847 290-9184
American Society Dermatologic Surgery  Plastic Surgery RG# July 847 956-0900
American Society of Echocardiography  Cardiology RG, PD March 919 861-5574
American Society Engineering Education/ Office of Naval Research  Biomedicine PD* several 202 331-3525
American Society Gastrointestinal Endoscopy  Endoscopic Research RG, JF Jan 630 573-0600
American Society of Hematology  Hematology JF, PD May 202 776-0544
American Soc for Laser Medicine and Surgery  Laser Medicine/Surgery RG Jan 715 845-9283
American Society of Microbiology  (minority) Microbiology D May 202 942-9283
American Soc of Nephrology  Nephrology RG, JF several 202 659-0599
American Society Nutrition  Nutrition RG, JF varies 301 634-7110
American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngologists  Otolaryngology RG Dec 760 942-9965
American Soc Radiation Oncology  Radiology (Therapeutic) JF, PD April 703 502-1550
American Soc Reproductive Med  Reproductive Endocrinology RG, PD March, Oct 205 978-5000
American Soc Surgery of the Hand  Surgery (Hand) RG  August 847 384-8300
American Soc Transplant Surgeons  Transplantation RG, JF, PD   888 990-2787
American Soc Trop Med/ Hygiene  Tropical Medicine PD, Tv varies 847 480-9592
American Speech-Language-Hearing Fdn  Speech Pathology RG, D several 301 897-5700
American Spinal Injury Assn  Spinal Injury RG Feb 404 355-9772
American Surgical Assoc. Fdn.  Surgery JF June 978 927-8330
American Syringomyelia Alliance Project, Inc.  Syringomyelia/Chiari Malformations RG April 919 684-2063
American Thyroid Association   Thyroid Disease RG Jan 703 998-8890
American Tinnitus Assn  Tinnitus RG June, Dec 503 248-9985
American Urogynecologic Society/June Allyson Fdn  Urogynecology PD Feb 202 367-1167
Anesthesia Patient Safety Fdn  Anesthesiology RG Feb 904 296-5688
Angelman Syndrome Fdn  Angelman Syndrome RG May 800 432-6435
Annie E. Casey Fdn  Children PG   410-547-6600
Anxiety & Depression Assoc of America  Anxiety Disorders (small grants) JF (Tv) Dec 240 485-1001
AO Foundation  Orthopedics RG July 41 0 44 200 24 10
Aplastic Anemia & MDS Intl Fdn, Inc.  Aplastic Anemia/ Myelodysplastic Syndrome RG, JF, PD Feb 410 867-0242
Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fdn  NPC Disease RG   520 577-5106
Arnold P. Gold Foundation for Humanism in Medicine  Medical Education PG several 201 567-7999
Arthritis Fdn  Arthritis RG, PD, JF, D varies 404 965-7537
Arthritis Fdn (NY Chapter)  Arthritis RG, JF, D   212 984-8712
Arthritis National Research Fdn  Arthritis RG Jan 800 588-2873
Assoc Academic Surgery  Surgery PD, JF   310 437-0555
Assoc Med School Pediatric Dept Chairs  Pediatrics PD Feb 203 737-4496
Assoc Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.  Infection Control RG July, Dec 202 789-1890
Assoc Professors Gyn & Obstetrics  OB/GYN RG, PD, JF, D Oct 410 451-9560
Assn for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers  Sexual Offense (Causes, Treatment) D Aug 843 876-1868
Assn for Women in Science Educational Fdn  Biomedicine D Jan 202 326-8940
Asthma & Allergy Fdn of America  Asthma/Allergic Disorders RG   202 466-7643
Ataxia UK  Ataxia RG   44 0 207 582-1444
A-T Children's Project  Ataxia RG   954 481-6611
Atkins Foundation  Ketogenic Diets RG    
Autism Society of America  Autism RG March 301 657-0881
Autism Speaks  Autism RG, PD, D several 212 252-8584
Avon Foundation  Breast Cancer Screening/Breast Cancer RG April 212 244-5368
Bader Philanthropies, Inc.  Alzheimers     RG June 414-224-6466
Barth Syndrome Fdn  Barth Syndrome (cardioskeletal myopathy) RG Oct 850 223-1128
Batten Disease Support & Research Assn  Neurodegenerative Disease RG May 740 927-4298
Baxter Healthcare Renal Discoveries  Nephrology RG, Tn varies 847 473-6991
Bayer Biological Products  Hemophilia RG, JF, PD    
Bayer Women's Healthcare  Reproductive Health RG, JF, PD Oct 201 385-1808
BEB Research Fdn  Blepharospasm RG July 409 832-0788
Beckman Fdn  Biomedicine/Instrument JF Oct 949 721-2222
Beez Foundation  Cancer (Brain) RG   732 563-1144
Be the Match Foundation      Bone Marrow Transplantation     PD Varies 612 362-3425
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  Global Health RG several 206 729-3400
Biochemical Soc  Biochemistry Tv several 020 7280 4131
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network  Cancer (Bladder)     JF March 301 215-9099
Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds  Biomedicine PD, D (Tv) several 00 4961328985-0
Brain and Behavior Research Fund (formerly NARSAD)  Schizophrenia/Depression     RG, JF, PD       312 641-1666
Breast Cancer Alliance  Cancer (Breast) RG, JF April, July 203 698-0014
Breast Cancer Research Fdn  Cancer (Breast) RG   646 497-2600
Bright Focus Foundation-Alzheimers  Alzheimers RG varies 800-437-2423
Bright Focus Foundation-Glaucoma  Glaucoma RG Nov 800-437-2423
Bright Focus Foundation-Macular Degeneration  Macular Degeneration RG Oct 800-437-2423
Bristol-Myers Squibb   Biomedicine RG   212 546-4346
British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  Antimicrobial Chemotherapy RG     Nov 44 (0)121 236 1988
Burroughs Wellcome Fund  Biomedicine JF*#, PD* several 919 991-5100
Campbell Foundation  AIDS RG   954 493-8822
Cancer Research Institute  Cancer RG, JF, PD, D several 212 688-7515
Canine Health Foundation  Genetics (Canine) RG several 888 682-9696
Cardiovascular Medical Research & Education Fund  Cardiovascular/ Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension RG   214 706-1158
CART Fund (Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust)  Alzheimer's Disease RG Dec  
Celiac Sprue Assn  Celiac Disease RG   877-CSA-4CSA
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing  Alternatives to Animal Testing RG April  
Cerebral Palsy Intl Research Fdn  Cerebral Palsy RG, JF, PD*   800 872-5827
Cervical Spine Research Society  Spinal Research RG April 847-698-1628
Charles Dana Foundation  Neuroscience RG# several 212 223-4040
Charles Edison Fund  Cardiovascular /Neurology RG   973 648-0500
Charles A. Frueauff Fdn  Health Services PG March, Sept 501 219-1410
Charlotte Geyer Fdn Cancer RG several 716 632-6448
Chest Foundation  Pulmonary Disease RG, JF several 847 498-1400
Child Health Foundation (small grants)  Children RG April 410 992-5512
Child Neurology Foundation  Neurology RG, PD, D Feb, June 651 645-4244
Childhood Brain Tumor Fdn  Cancer (Brain) RG March 301 515-2900
Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Disease (CLIMB)  Metabolic Disease RG Oct 44 0870 7700 326
Children's Brain Tumor Fdn  Cancer (Brain) RG May 212 448-9494
Children's Cardiomyopathy Fdn  Cardiovascular RG Sept


Children's Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research   Glycogen Storage Disease RG June 203 272-7744
Children's Gaucher Disease  Research Fund  Gaucher  Disease  RG   916 797-3700
Children's Heart Foundation  Cardiovascular (Children) RG June 847 634-6474
Children's Leukemia Research Assn  Leukemia (Children) RG June 516 222-1944
Children's Tumor Fdn  Neurofibromatosis RG, PD varies 212 344-6633
Christopher and Dana  Reeve Fdn  Paralysis RG, JF, PD several 800 225-0292
Cleft Palate Fdn  Craniofacial Anomalies RG, JF Jan 919 933-9044
College of American Pathologists   Pathology PD Oct 800 323-4040
Commonwealth Fund  Health Care (Policy) RG, PG   212 606-3800
Concern Foundation  Cancer RG Sept 323 852-9844
Conrad Program  Contraceptives RG May 703 524-4744
Cooley's Anemia Fdn  Thalassemia RG, PD Feb 718 321-2873
C.O.R.E. (Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts)  Otolaryngology RG, PG, JF Dec 703 519-1547
Crohn's & Colitis Fdn of America  Inflammatory Bowel Disease RG, JF, PD, D several 800 932-2423
CSL Behring Fdn for Research and Advancement of Patient Health  Hemophilia RG varies 866 963-2566
Cummings Memorial Fund AIDS and Cancer RG April, Oct 212 286-1778
Cure (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy)  Epilepsy RG Oct 312 255-1801
Cure HHT Foundation  Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia RG   410 357-9932
Cure PSP Foundation  Supranuclear Palsy & Related Brain Disorders RG, PD Nov 732 235-7729
CureSearch for Children's Cancer (Formerly: Hope Street Kids) Pediatric Cancer RG May (800) 458-6223
Cure SMA  Spinal Muscular Atrophy RG Sept 800 866-1762
Cystic Fibrosis Assn of Greater New York  Cystic Fibrosis RG June 212-986-8783
Cystic Fibrosis Fdn  Cystic Fibrosis RG, PD* Varies 800 344-4823
Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.  Cystic Fibrosis RG March 650 404-9975
Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide  Cystic Fibrosis RG March, Sept 31 0 40 2592 760
Cystinosis Research Network  Cystinosis RG   847 482-0857

Updated 8/3/18

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