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International Research Collaborations: Funding opportunities NIH and beyond

The Fogarty International Center of the NIH has a variety of research and training programs focused on fostering international biomedical research collaborations, enhancing ongoing U.S. based research programs, addressing specific biomedical research areas of critical international importance and increasing the research capacity of developing countries. You may get all current information, downloadable applications and application instructions from the NIH/FIC web site:

You will find there the Fogarty International Research Collaborative Awards (FIRCA) and the AIDS- FIRCA along with a number of other grant, Fellowship and Training programs in AIDS, malaria, emerging diseases,population and health, environmental health, ecology and infectious disease, biodiversity, maternal and child health, tuberculosis, training for minority students in international research and more. To find all information associated with a program of interest, click on "special instructions" for each announcement. Applications can now be filled out on Cayuse.


To apply for a FIRCA a U.S. scientist (in a non-profit institution) with an active NIH grant must be the FIRCA P.I. The foreign collaborator may be senior or junior but should be clearly capable of conducting independent research and generally should have a staff position in their home institution.

For the regular FIRCA the foreign collaborator should be from a developing country (as described in the program announcement), or from Russia, Independent States of the former Soviet Union, or Central/Eastern Europe. The AIDS-FIRCA has no regional limitations. The U.S. P.I. should obtain the application forms and fill them out with the foreign collaborator's input. Note: Intramural NIH scientists may be involved as collaborators on a FIRCA but may not, at this time, submit as the P.I.

Identifying Collaborators and Other Funding Options:

U.S. scientists with NIH grants are listed in the NIHREPORTER system which includes information on all grants that NIH is funding or has funded in the past. It also includes information on NIH intramural research. You can reach the site by going to:

Other Funding Opportunities through NIH:

R01 applications from foreign investigators:

In addition to the Fogarty opportunities, NIH will accept R01 applications from foreign investigators. The NIH REPORTER can be used to identify institutes funding the type of research a foreign investigator is interested in. In addition, each NIH Institute has an international representative who may be of help. Contact the Institute directly for the name of the international representative (start at and find the appropriate institute).

Other International Funding Options:

      Howard Hughes Medical Institute ( fund a variety of types of research in the U.S.and abroad.

      Wellcome Trust 

      NATO funding for fellowships and research grants:  

      Human Frontier Science Program for International Research in Neuroscience and MolecularBiology  


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