Office of Grant Support

Non-Federal Funding (by Funding Interest, A-C)

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Note: The funding interest "biomedicine" denotes funding in a variety of disciplines.

  • RG = research grant
  • JF = junior faculty (requires faculty appointment)
  • PG = program grant (non-research)
  • PD = post-doctoral award (PhD or MD)
  • D = dissertation grant (pre-PhD)
  • Tv = travel grant
  • Tn = training grant

* = U.S. citizenship/permanent residency required
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Funding Interest Source Award Type Deadline(s) Phone
Addiction  Peter McManus Charitable Trust  RG  Aug  610 279-3370 
Aging  American Federation  for Aging Research  RG, JF, PD, D  several  212 703-9977 
Aging  Ellison Medical Fdn  RG, JF  March  301 657-1830 
Aging  Fox (Fan) and Samuels (Leslie R.) Fdn  RG    212 239-3030 
Aging  Merck Institute of Aging & Health  RG  April  202 842-0525 
Aging  Reynolds (Donald W.) Fdn  Tn    702 804-6000 
AIDS  AMFAR (American Fdn for AIDS Research)  RG, PD  several  212 806-1696 
AIDS  Campbell Foundation  RG    954 493-8822 
AIDS  Ittleson Fdn Inc  RG  April, Sept  212 794-2008 
AIDS  Levi Strauss  RG    415 501-6579 
AIDS  Pediatric AIDS Fdn  RG, PD, JF, D  varies  310 314-1459 
AIDS  Robert Mapplethorpe Fdn  RG    212 941-4760 
AIDS and Cancer  Cummings Memorial Fund  RG  April, Oct  212 286-1778 
AIDS/Retinal Disease  Gund Fdn  RG  several  216 241-3114 
Alcoholism  Foundation for Alcohol Research  RG  Feb, Sept  410 821-7066 
Alcoholism  Smithers Fdn  RG         
Allergy  American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy  RG  June, Dec  202-955-5010  
Allergy/Immunology  American Acad Allergy, Asthma and Immunology  RG, PD, JF  varies   414 272-6071 
Allograft Science  Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation  RG    732 661-0202 
Alopecia  National Alopecia Areata Fdn  RG, PD   Dec  415 472-3780 
Alpha1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency  Alpha One Foundation  PD*, RG   July  305 567-9888 
ALS  ALS Assoc.  RG, PD  Jan, July  818 880-9007 
Alternatives to Animal Testing  Alternative Research and Development Fdn  RG 
215 887-8076 
Alternatives to Animal Testing  Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing  RG   April   
Alternatives to Animal Testing  Intl Fdn for Ethical Research Alternatives in Scientific Research  D  March  312 427-6025 
Alzheimer's  Alzheimer's Assoc  RG, PD  Feb  312 335-5747 
Alzheimer's  Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation  RG  several   
Alzheimer's  Bader Philanthropies, Inc.  RG, PG  June  414 224-6464 
Alzheimer's  Bright Focus Foundation   RG  Oct  800-437-2423 
Alzheimer's  CART Fund (Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust)  RG  Dec   
Amino Acids  Ajinomoto Company, Inc.  RG  March   
Anesthesiology  Anesthesia Patient Safety Fdn  RG   Feb  904 296-5688 
Anesthesiology  Foundation Anesthesia Education & Research  RG, PD*, JF  Feb, Aug  507 266-6866 
Anesthesiology  Intl Anesthesia Research Soc  RG  June, Sept  216 642-1124 
Anesthesiology  Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists  RG  March  804 282-0084 
Anesthesiology  Society for Pediatric Anesthesia  RG, JF, PD  Feb, Aug  507 266-6866 
Angelman Syndrome  Angelman Syndrome Foundation  RG 
800 432-6435 
Animal Science & Medicine  American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine  RG  Dec  410 810-1870 
Anti-Doping  Partnership for Clean Competition  RG  several   
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  RG  Nov  44 (0) 121 236 1988 
Anxiety Disorders  Anxiety & Depression Assn of America  JF (Tv)   Dec  240 485-1001 
Aplastic Anemia/ Myelodysplastic Syndrome  Aplastic Anemia & MDS Intl Fdn, Inc  RG, JF, PD  Feb  410 867-0242 
"Applied" Physical Science  Hertz  (Fannie & John) Fdn  D   Oct  925 373-1642 
Arthritis  Arthritis Fdn  RG, PD, JF, D  varies  404 965-7537 
Arthritis  Arthritis Fdn (NY Chapter)  RG, JF, D    212 984-8712 
Arthritis  Arthritis National Research Fdn  RG  Jan  800 588-2873 
Arthritis (Rheumatoid)  Sontag Foundation  RG     
Arthritis (Rheumatoid)  Ralph and Eileen Swett  Fdn  RG     
Asthma  American Asthma Foundation  RG, JF   varies  415 514-0730 
Asthma/Allergic Disorders  Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America  RG    202 466-7643 
Ataxia  Ataxia UK  RG    44 0 207 582-1444 
Ataxia  A-T Children's Project  RG    954 481-6611 
Ataxia  National Ataxia Foundation  RG, PD, JF    763 553-0020 
Ataxia (Friedreich's)  Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance  RG, PD    703 413-4468 
Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorders  Klingenstein Third Generation Fdn  RG    212-492-6179 
Audiology  American Academy of Audiology    Nov  800 222-2336 
Autism  Autism Society of America Fdn  RG  March  301 657-0881 
Autism  Autism Speaks  RG, PD, D  several  212 252-8584 
Autism  Doug Flutie Jr. Fdn for Autism  RG  Dec  866-3autism 
Autism  Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative  RG  various  646 654-0066 
Barth Syndrome (Cardioskeletal Myopathy)  Barth Syndrome Fdn  RG   Oct  850 223-1128 
Behavior (Biological Basis of)  Wacker Foundation  RG    214 373-3308 
Biochemistry  Biochemical Soc  Tv  several  020 7280 4131 
Bioethics/Diabetes  Greenwall Fdn  RG    212 679-7266 
Biology  Human Frontier Science Program  RG, PD, JF  March  33 388-215121 
Biology  Life Sciences Research Fdn  PD  Oct  609 258-3551 
Biomedicine  American Medical Assn Fdn [small grants]  RG  Varies  312 464-4200 
Biomedicine  American Philosophical Society  PD*  Sept, Oct  215 440-3429 
Biomedicine  Amer Soc for Engineering Edu/ Office of Naval Res  PD*  several  202 331-3525 
Biomedicine  Assn for Women in Science Educational  Fdn  D  Jan  202 326-8940 
Biomedicine  Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds  PD, D (Tv)  several  00 4961328985-0 
Biomedicine  Bristol-Myers Squibb  RG    212 546-4346 
Biomedicine  Burroughs Wellcome Fund  JF*#, PD*  several  919 991-5100 
Biomedicine  Doris Duke Charitable Fdn  JF#, RG  several  212 974-7100 
Biomedicine  Eppley Foundation for Research  RG  several  no calls 
Biomedicine  Goldman Philanthropic Partnership/Partnership for Cures (Culpeper)  RG, JF#    847 948-5512 
Biomedicine  Howard Hughes Medical Inst.  D  Jan  301 215-8889 
Biomedicine  Kleberg Foundation  RG    210 271-3691 
Biomedicine  Mallinckrodt Foundation   RG  several  314 955-3136 
Biomedicine  National Medical Fellowships, Inc.  D  Nov  212 483-8880 
Biomedicine  New York Academy of Medicine  PD, D  several  212 822-7204 
Biomedicine  Orentreich Fdn for the Advancement of Science  RG    914 265-4200 
Biomedicine  Pasteur Fdn  RG  March  212 599-2050 
Biomedicine  RGK Foundation  RG    512 474-9298 
Biomedicine  United Negro College Fund/Merck  PD*, D  Dec  703 205-3574 
Biomedicine  US-Israel Binational Science Fdn  RG  varies  972 2-5617314 
Biomedicine  Volkswagen Fdn  RG       49 511 838810 
Biomedicine  Helen Hay Whitney  Fdn  PD  July  212 688-6794 
Biomedicine/ Education  Lowe Fdn  RG        407 655-7001 
Biomedicine/ Instrumentation  Beckman Fdn  JF  Oct  949 721-2222 
Bipolar/ Schizophrenia  Stanley Fdn/NAMI  RG  March, Oct  301 571-0760 
Blepharospasm  BEB Res Fdn  RG  July  409 832-0788 
Bone Marrow Transplants  American Soc for Blood & Marrow Transplantation  JF   Sept  847 427-0224 
Bone Marrow Transplants  Be the Match Fdn  RG, PD  varies  612 362-3425 
Cancer  American Assoc for Cancer Research   RG, JF, PD  several  215 440-9300 
Cancer  American Cancer Society  RG, JF*, PD*, Tv, Tn  several  800 227-2345 

American  Institute  for Cancer Research 

RG, PD*  Feb  800 843-8114 
Cancer  American Society of Clinical Oncology  JF, PD  several  703 299-0150 
Cancer  Cancer Research Institute  RG, JF, PD, D  several  212 688-7515 
Cancer  Gateway for Cancer Research Fdn  RG    847 342-7450 
Cancer  Charlotte Geyer Fdn  RG  several  716 632-6448 
Cancer  Concern Foundation  RG  Sept  323 852-9844 
Cancer  Damon Runyon Fdn  JF, PD  several  212 455-0522 
Cancer  Elsa U. Pardee Fdn  RG    989 832-3691 
Cancer  Gabrielle's Angel Foundation  RG  invitation only  212 905-6200 
Cancer      Hope Funds for Cancer Research  PD  Sept  401 847-3286 
Cancer  Intl Agency for Res. On Cancer  PD (Tv)  Oct, Dec  33 4 72 73 84 48 
Cancer  Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund  PD  Feb  203 785-4612 
Cancer  Mary Kay Ash Charitable Fdn  RG#  Feb  877 652-2737 
Cancer  Milheim Fdn for Cancer Res.  RG  March  303 713-6466 
Cancer  National Cancer Center  PD  Dec  516 349-0610 
Cancer  Prevent Cancer Foundation  RG, PD  March, Aug  800 227-2732 
Cancer  Ruth Estrin Goldberg  Memorial Cancer Fund  RG  Feb   
Cancer  Sass Foundation for Medical Research  PD  Feb  516 365-7277 
Cancer  Sidney Kimmel  Fdn  RG, JF  Dec  215 994-1186 

Union for International Cancer Control 

JF, Tv  several  41-22-809-1811 
Cancer  VFW Ladies Auxiliary  PD*  March  816 561-8655 
Cancer      Worldwide Cancer Research  RG  April, Oct  01334 477910 
Cancer (Bladder)  Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network  JF  March  301 215-9099 
Cancer (Brain)  Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2)  RG  March  650 685-2200 
Cancer (Brain)  American  Brain Tumor Assoc  PD*, JF  Jan  847 827-9910 
Cancer (Brain)  Beez Foundation  RG    732 563-1144 
Cancer (Brain)  Childhood Brain Tumor Fdn  RG  March  301 515-2900  
Cancer (Brain)  Children's Brain Tumor Fdn  RG  May  212 448-9494 
Cancer (Brain)  James S. McDonnell  Fdn  RG, JF  March  314 721-1532 
Cancer (Brain)  Sontag Foundation  RG, JF  March, Aug  904 273-8755 
Cancer (Brain)  Tug McGraw Foundation  RG    707 255-1884 
Cancer (Breast)  Breast Cancer Alliance  RG, JF  April, July  203 698-0014 
Cancer (Breast)  Breast Cancer Research Fdn  RG    646 497-2600 
Cancer (Breast)  Komen Breast Cancer Fdn  RG, PD  several  888 300-5582 
Cancer (Breast)  Project Craft: Komen NYC  RG  Oct  212 560-9590 
Cancer (Breast-Screening/Breast)  Avon Foundation   RG  Aug  212 244-5368 
Cancer (Breast screening)  Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test  RG  December  336 286-6620 
Cancer (carcinoid-neuroendocrine cancer)   Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Fdn  RG    857 222-5492 
Cancer (Conference)  William Guy Forbeck Research Fdn  RG  April   
Cancer (Gene Therapy)  Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy  JF  March  203 358-8000 
Cancer (Lung)  Uniting Against Lung Cancer  RG   varies  212 627-5500 
Cancer (Lung)  Lung Cancer Alliance  RG    631 689-2754 
Cancer (Lung)  Lungevity Fdn  JF*   Feb  773 769-6060 
Cancer (Lung)   Free to Breathe  RG, JF  April  608 233-7905 
Cancer (Ovarian)  Foundation for Women's Cancer  RG  July  312 658-0751 
Cancer (Ovarian)  Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance  RG, JF, PD  May  800 873-9569 
Cancer (Pancreatic)  Hirschberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research  RG  Aug  310 472-6310 
Cancer (Pancreatic)  Lustgarten Fdn for Pancreatic Cancer Research  RG  several  516 803-2304 
Cancer (Patient care)  Oncology Nursing Fdn  RG  several  412 921-7373 
Cancer (Pediatric)  Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation  PG, RG, JF, PD  several  610 649-3034 
Cancer (Pediatric)  CureSearch for Children's Cancer (formerly: Hope Street Kids)  RG  May  (800) 458-6223
Cancer (Plasma Cells)  Intl  Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Fdn  RG  Feb, Aug  941 927-4963 
Cancer (Prostate)  Prostate Cancer Fdn  RG, JF, PD    800 757-2873 
Cancer (Prostate/Colon)  National Foundation for Cancer Research  RG  June  301 654-1250 
Cancer (Urologic)  Urology Health Foundation  PD, JF  Sept  410 689-3750 
Cancer/ Cardiovascular  Rippel (Fannie E. ) Fdn   RG    908 766-0404 
Cardiovascular  American College of Cardiology  JF, PD  Sept, Oct  800 253-4636 
Cardiovascular  American Heart Assoc  RG, JF*  Jan, July  214 706-1457 
Cardiovascular  American Heart Assoc-Founders Division  RG, JF*, PD*  several  212 878-5912 
Cardiovascular  American Society of Echocardiography  RG, PD  March  919 861-5574 
Cardiovascular  Children's Cardiomyopathy Fdn  RG  Sept  866-808-2873 
Cardiovascular  Children's Heart Foundation  RG  June  847 634-6474 
Cardiovascular  Debakey Medical Foundation  RG, PD    713 790-3183 
Cardiovascular  Heart Failure Society of America  PD  Feb   
Cardiovascular  Heart Rhythm Society  PD*, Tv   Feb  508 647-0100 
Cardiovascular  Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation   D  Jan   
Cardiovascular  Soc for Cardiac Angiography & Interventions (SCA&I)  PD  varies  301 897-5400 
Cardiovascular/ Neurology  Edison (Charles) Fund  RG    973 648-0500 
Cardiovascular/ Neurovascular  Fondation Leducq  RG    33 45 005 965 
Cardiovascular/ Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension  Cardiovascular Medical Research and Education Fund  RG    214 706-1158 
Celiac Disease  Celiac Sprue Assn  RG    877 CSA-4CSA 
Cerebral Palsy  American Acad for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine  RG  March  847 698-1635 
Cerebral Palsy  Cerebral Palsy Intl Research Fdn  RG, JF, PD*    800 872-5827 
Cerebral Vascular Syndromes  Sturge-Weber Foundation  RG, PD  March, Sept  973 895-4445 
Children  American Legion Child Welfare Fdn  PG  July  317 630-1202 
Children  Annie E. Casey Fdn  PG    410 547-6600 
Children  Child Health Foundation (small grants)  RG  April  410 992-5512 
Children  Dorothea Haus Ross  Fdn  RG, PG    585 473-6006 
Children  Foundation for Child Development  RG    212 213-8337 
Children  William T. Grant Fdn  RG, JF  several  212 752-0071 
Children/Elderly  Laura B. Vogler Foundation  RG  July 1  718 423-3000 
Chronic Fatigue   Solve ME/CFS Initiative(Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)   RG    704 364-0016 
Clinical Chemistry  American Assn of Clinical Chemistry  RG  March  202 857-0717 
Coenzymes  Intl Coenzyme Q10 Assn  RG  Dec  39 071220 4674 
Colorectal Surgery  American  Soc of Colon and Rectal Surgeons  RG  March, Aug  847 290-9184 
Community Development/ Biomedicine  Hearst Foundation  RG, PG    212 586-5404 
Contraceptives  CONRAD Program  RG  May  703 524-4744 
Contact Lenses  American Academy of Optometry   RG  June  301 984-4734 
Convalescent/ Rehab Care  Langeloth Fdn  RG  Feb, Aug  212 687-1133 
Crystallography  International Centre for Diffraction Data  D  Oct  610 325-9814 
Cystic Fibrosis  Cystic Fibrosis Assn of Greater NY  RG  June  212 986-8783 
Cystic Fibrosis  Cystic Fibrosis Fdn  RG, PD*  Varies  800 344-4823 
Cystic Fibrosis  Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.  RG  March  650 404-9975 
Cystic Fibrosis  Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide  RG  March, Sept  31 0 40 2592 760 
Cystinosis  Cystinosis Research Network  RG    847 482-0857 
Cystinosis  Natalie's Wish-Cystinosis Research Fdn  RG, PD  Sept  949 223-7610 


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