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Grant Application Forms

CAYUSE All applications should begin here. Cayuse is our system-to-system portal that grants access to nearly all Federal funding opportunities, and is used for all competing, non-competing progress reports and Other Pre-Award Submissions (OPAS).

Subaward Statement of Intent Forms

Subaward Statement of Intent: Einstein LEAD Institution
Subaward Statement of Intent: Einstein NON-Lead Institution 

Compliance Departments' Forms:

If you marked "Yes" to any of the fields in the Compliance section of Cayuse's Proposal Summary, you will need to include the corresponding departmental form:

Environmental Safety/Hazards in Research: 
EH&S Short form (part of the Albert Einstein COM, Inc. Grant Application Approval form, link above) is usually sufficient except: 

For those investigators who do NOT have current EH&S forms on file. In that case,  fill out the Albert Einstein COM, Inc. Grant Approval form (above) and the DOR/Health and Safety Evaluation form found on the EH&S website

Guidance on the NIH Single IRB Policy and Letters of Support:  

Research Finance Forms:

Research Finance Forms Page 
Transfer of Grants  

Relinquishing Statement (NIH form) 

Office of Biotechnology and Business Development Forms:

Patent Policy Forms and Policy Page
Einstein Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Policy
Any issues regarding IRB, EH&S, IACUC, Office of Biotechnology or Research Finance forms or form requirements should be directed to the individual departments.

Additional Forms

Delegation Routing (Not required for routing of each grant, but grants permission for another person/persons to route applications on behalf of the PD/PI)

 Other Pre-Award Submissions (OPAS) 

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