Facilities Management & Engineering

Accessing Services & Forms

Accessing Services

Important Numbers and Information 

For any request for day-to-day operations, call the Engineering Operations Center at extension 3000  

Power Outage
Water/steam leaks
Too hot/too cold
Lights out
Environmental control failures in critical areas

Processing an online MicroMain Web Request. This should be used for all other request such as

Hang a picture
Routine repairs i.e. Paint
Replace carpeting
Hard-wired equipment hook-ups

Please e-mail joseph.benari@einsteinmed.edu for any questions.



Our Engineering Work Order Form, Data for Fabrication of Signs form, and Environmental Rooms & Equipment Monitoring Update forms are now available to be filled out on-line. Click on the link below for either form, complete the form, and print.

Instructions: PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it loaded, just click the icon to the right to download it now.   

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