Environmental Health & Safety


EH&S is a nine member service department dedicated to protecting people, property and the environment while allowing the mission of Einstein, teaching and medical research to proceed safely.  EH&S also assists the College in managing its hazardous waste and compliance with the numerous regulations that impact the College.  EH&S accomplishes its goals with its developed programs, qualified and knowledgeable staff, support of the Einstein Faculty, the Administrative Safety Committee and the help of every supervisor, employee and  student. 



EH&S Staff


How You Might Interact with EH&S Staff: 

  • Jared Shapiro - Senior Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Melanie Brown - Coordination of EH&S services and program operations 
  • Delia Vieira-Cruz - Biosafety and Laboratory Safety, Grant approvals, Animal Protocol approvals, spill response, waste management, Biosafety Level 3 Facilities, and Employee training
  • James Harold - Radiation safety, review and approval of research projects involving radioactive material, spill response, radioactive waste disposal, and Employee training
  • Jeremy Heller - Exposure complaints, asbestos management, indoor air quality, mold, physical and chemical hazards, spill response and Employee training
  • Jorge Quiñones - Safety Specialist- Construction Safety, contractor safety forms, asbestos management, accident investigations, spill response and Employee training 
  •  Guillermo Olivo - Fire Safety in laboratories, laboratory inspections, building walkthroughs for fire safety, fire extinguishers, fire drills, fire safety training, interacting with FDNY Inspector (Laboratory Division) and emergency drills 
  •  Hasani Douglas - Hazardous Chemical and Radiation waste pick-ups, laboratory inspections, equipment and laboratory clearance, and spill response 
  • Ivette Sierra - Assists with safety information and trainings
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