Conflict of Interest


The Conflict of Interest (COI) Office has initiated a new Conflict of Interest Disclosure System, the COI Risk Manager System,

You must be a registered user to gain access to the system and complete a COI Disclosure Form. Einstein faculty members and those individuals who are listed as an “Investigator” on an Einstein IRB (Institutional Review Board) application need to complete and update COI Disclosure Forms. Please use the following guidance document to determine which research team members meet the definition of an “Investigator.”

If you are not a registered user, i.e., there is a blank screen when you attempt to access the system, please contact the COI office at to establish your account.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine strives to ensure objectivity, balance, transparency, and scientific rigor in all academic activities. As such, the college has a comprehensive set of Conflict of Interest policies to ensure compliance. All financial interest (FI) and relationships to external entities must be disclosed by faculty at their time of appointment, hiring and intervals thereafter. Additionally, the financial interests of a related party (spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child) must also be disclosed. After review of these disclosures, the Conflict of Interest Chair establishes a plan to mitigate identified conflicts of interest.


Guidelines for Disclosure read more