Offices of Biotechnology and Business Development

IP & Coffee Seminar Series

IP and Coffee - June 16, 2021: Startup Building Blocks, Challenges, and Pitfalls from Formation to Growth 

IP and Coffee - May 19, 2021: Freedom To Operate Opinions And Intellectual Property Due Diligence 

IP and Coffee - April 21, 2021: Optimizing Commercial Value of Intellectual Property 

IP and Coffee - January 20, 2021: Invention Reporting: Policy Changes, what Federal grants require? 

IP and Coffee - November 18, 2020: IP Strategies For Digital Healthcare 

IP and Coffee - October 21, 2020: IP And Gene Therapy: Strategies and Challenges 

IP and Coffee - September 16, 2020: Strategies For Patenting CAR-T Cell Therapeutics 

IP and Coffee - July 15, 2020: IP Protection Strategies for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Antibodies 

IP and Coffee - June 17th, 2020 IP & COVID-19: Facilitating Innovation & Access to Medicines for Patients 

IP and Coffee Protecting Algorithmic Software Innovations 2020 

IP and Coffee Seminar - August 21, 2019 - Disclosing the Unexpected: The Invention Disclosure Process (Presented by: Benjamin Neymotin) 

IP and Coffee Tips for Working Patent Counsel 2019 

IP and Coffee Patenting 101 Understanding Process - August 21, 2019 

IP and Coffee - July 17, 2019 The "Muddy Metaphysics" of Patent Inventorship  

IP and Coffee - May 20, 2020 Protecting Your Inventions: Pathway To Obtaining Medical Device Patents  

Business And Entrepreneurship In Biotechnology Webinar Series

Webinar Part I : Commercializing your Innovation: How to Increase Your Odds of Success? - Lorraine Marchand - May 20, 2021 

Webinar Part II: What Makes a Fundable Life Science Venture? -Margalit Haber - June17, 2021 

Webinar Part III: Perspectives from a European CEO - Nicholas Benedict - July 15, 2021 

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