Institute for Animal Studies

Procedures for Obtaining Animals

Purchasing Animals from An Approved Vendor

Because space is limited, PIs/Administrators should complete and submit an animal requisition form, Animal Purchase Request Form. The IAS animal procurement software requires two important pieces of information in order to allow placement of an order: 

  1. a valid grant number, and
  2. an approved animal use protocol number

Note: Protocol approvals are valid for three years for USDA-covered species (i.e., animals other than rats, and mice, which are approved for one year


Importing Animals From Another Academic Institution

Animals arriving from other academic institutions must undergo quarantine.  Quarantine space at Einstein is limited; therefore, PIs/Administrators should complete and submit a Request to Import Animals from Another Institution as soon as possible to allow for processing, and to get a place on the waiting list for available quarantine space.  IAS will review the request and contact the supplier of the animals for health documentation and to coordinate the import when space becomes available.  The requesting PI will be notified when the animal import has been approved and when the animals arrive.

In addition to planning ahead to accommodate any waiting time for quarantine space to become available, investigators should expect that their animals will be in quarantine for a period of about 6-8 weeks after they arrive.  Requests to use or breed animals while still in quarantine should be made to the IAS Director and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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