Office of Grant Support

Workshops and Seminars

OGS Orientation  

New Orientation Presentation  (2019)

Overview of Services Provided by the Office of Grant Support: How to Navigate the Grant Application Process (12/1-2, 2015)

Cayuse and Budget 

Financial Workshop (March, 2021)

Financial Management of Grants and Awards (November, 2020)

Cayuse Application and Budget Development 

Financial Management (May, 2019)

Preparation of Grant Applications in Cayuse (12/3/15)  

Development and Electronic Submission of Grant Applications Using Cayuse  (10/10/16)


Training Workshops for Predocs and Postdocs  

Everything Postdocs Need to Know About Grants (2019)

Getting Your Fellowship: Funding Opportunities and Grant Development  

Getting Your Fellowship: Role of Office of Grant Support  

NIH Fellowships: Everything You Need to Know (3/20/18)

Getting your Fellowship: Federal and Foundation Funding 

External Funding-New Faculty Orientation  


Grant Writing Workshops 

NIH Ready: R-Series Training Grant-Writing Virtual Workshop -Thursday, July 30th, 8AM-5 PM 

Grant Writing Workshop presented by George Gopen.   2019

Dr. Tanya Dragic Grant Writing Seminar  with Intro: Preparing for a Grant Submission (Dr. Dhanonjoy C. Saha, presenter) (November 21, 2019)

Better Grant Proposals, Better Research!   (July, 2018)


Diversity and Minority Funding Opportunities  

 Minority and Diversity Grants: Opportunities and Resources for Students and Trainees (2019)  

Enhancing Diversity in Research Training (10/31/2018)  



Recent NIH Changes  (2019)

NIH Application Changes (2019)

Pediatrics Seminar  

Funding Opportunities  

New Changes in NIH Grant Application (12/16/15) 


OGS:  Providing Insights into Grant Writing for Achieving Best Results 


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